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Look up!

Posted by Abel of Hertford on January 19, 2016

If you happen to look up when you are walking through your town or village you may stumble upon a wealth of historical architecture and original period details that are often missed because of the more modern shop fronts. Taking the time to slow down and soak up the different styles and techniques that were fashionable at the time they were built, may fill you with a sense of wonder. Without modern machinery, the majority of what you will see would have been created by the hands of skilled tradesmen and master craftsmen and the quality speaks for itself, they look as beautiful today as they did back then! In our town of Hertford we are lucky to have inherited many notable buildings from grand Victorian properties to the more humble 17th century timber bulk dwellings that line our Medieval lanes. Hertfordshire as a county has a rich tapestry of towns and villages so its nice to stop and appreciate the often unnoticed details that give each town its essence and character.

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