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Useful tips for Landlords
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Being an established Letting agent in Hertfordshire, we have expert knowledge the rental sector from both landlords’ and tenants’ perspectives. If you have any questions speak with one of our expert agents today on 01992 532 222.


Letting Your Property? Some DO’s:

Talk to a good – and preferably local – letting agent. If your place is in Hertford it makes sense to use Letting Agents in Hertford. Not just because they know the local rental market – but because they know the kind of people who’ll be interested in your place and how best to attract their interest. Crucially, they can help you set a rent that’s competitive and comfortable for you too!

Start as you mean to go on taking good care of your tenants’ health and safety. Make sure your place is properly equipped with fire extinguishers and fire doors, escape ladders, CO2 detectors, fire blankets, smoke & heat detectors and so on. Any responsible (and therefore desirable) tenant will be put off by badly maintained or missing safety equipment. Get this right it’s not just your tenants who’ll sleep easy at night.

Make the place as clean, bright and welcoming as you can. Even if it’s no palace, there’s no excuse for stains, tidemarks, dirty grouting, mould and so on! And something as simple as a lick of paint and a bit of elbow grease instantly show the viewer someone cares.

And some Don'ts:

Don’t be afraid to give the place a bit of personality. There was a time when Magnolia emulsion and beige carpets ruled the rental world. An artful splash of colour, a funky feature or a striking print can add that ‘Wow Factor’ that turns viewers into tenants.

Never nderestimate the difference a good, preferably local, letting agent can make – from advice informed by genuine local knowledge and realistic, competitive rental valuations to professional marketing presentation including an effectively targeted social media campaign.

Are you a new landlord looking to let out a property in the Hertford area? We believe we offer the BEST SERVICE and the BEST VALUE in the area.

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Renting a Property? Some DO’s:

Remember although not as big a deal as buying a property, renting means you’re entering into a binding legal contract. Even if you’re a Hertford resident, for example, and you want to rent there, it’s still it’s important to use reputable Letting Agents in Hertford. They’ll know the area as well as you do for a start – more importantly they work for your benefit as much as for your landlord’s. You won’t be hit by hidden fees, your security deposit will be protected and they won’t sign you up for anything you can’t afford!

Think about the other bills… Sometimes expenses like Council tax, utility bills, ground rent and maintenance are included in the monthly rental. More often they’re not – so make sure you factor in those costs before making your decision.

Explore your new ‘stomping ground’… It’s well worth spending some time in the area checking out the local shops, nightlife, leisure amenities – whatever’s important to you.

And some Don'ts:

Don’t make snap decisions. You might not be buying the place but you’re probably entering a fixed-term agreement and your little palace can turn into a prison if it’s not what you really want. Your head might say snap it up before someone else does – but if your heart say otherwise, go with your heart!

Don’t rush to sign anything – and especially your tenancy agreement – without reading it from start to finish, without the landlord or agent looking over your shoulder. No reputable letting agent should pressure you – so take it away with you and study it at your leisure, ask questions about anything you’re not comfortable with and only sign if the answer is satisfactory.

Remember the contents. If the place is unfurnished  you need contents insurance to cover your belongings. Just as important is the landlord’s inventory, which lists the contents and their condition. Make sure everything listed is actually there – and if there’s any damage (a stained carpet for instance), take a photo and update the inventory. Otherwise you could get the blame and lose your deposit!

New landlords

Are you a new landlord looking to let out a property in the Hertford area? We believe we offer the BEST SERVICE and the BEST VALUE in the area.

Existing landlords

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