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Introducing a World First for the Estate Agency Industry

Posted by Abel of Hertford on April 1, 2021

A leading international inventor has chosen Abel to be one of only ten estate agencies in the world to trial his Artificial Intelligence (AI) software.

The reclusive billionaire and his team of experts have created a ground-breaking app that translates a person’s thoughts into a text message by analysing their brainwaves.

It involves the wearing of a baseball-style cap that has sensors in it.

Dubbed the AI Honest Agent Hat the sensors transmit the wearer’s brain activity as a message onto any mobile phone that has been given a password and has downloaded the app.

We are among only nine other agents from across the planet who have been chosen to trial this software over six months.

It will mean our clients will be able to literally read our thoughts on their phones when it comes to selling or renting their homes in Hertford.

The idea is the brainchild of a billionaire French internet genius and leading social scientist, Esh Kalting-Parc.

Speaking from his château in Paradise Falls, Monsieur Kalting-Parc said: “I always look to solve problems. And a big problem for estate and letting agents is that people often view them with mistrust.

Now, with the invention of my AI Honest Agent Hat, that will be a thing of the past. I wanted politicians to take part in this initial experiment, but they universally refused.”

The introduction of our caps will be headed up by our new manager Noel Kusm who will run our AI Honest Agent department.

Noel said: “We’re an open and honest agency, we always share what’s on our minds, and now you can literally know what we’re thinking. We’ve been selected because of our honest approach to business, so seeing as the cap fits, we’ll wear it.

We’d be fools not to go for it, and that’s why we have signed up to be part of this exciting programme.”

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