How to Boost Your 2021 Kerb Appeal in Hertford

This three-minute read will help you maximise the kerb appeal for your Hertford property. A HomeOwners Alliance survey showed that 68% of potential buyers felt a property’s kerb appeal influenced their decision. Use these quick and easy tips to help your potential buyers fall in love at first sight. Pathways and driveways If you access […]

Change of Address Checklist for Hertford Property Owners

A two-minute read. As if selling your home, packing your belongings, and remembering to take the dog isn’t stressful enough, unfortunately, you can’t escape the paperwork palaver that comes with moving. Notifying companies and authorities of your change of address can be monotonous, but (for some things), it’s mandatory. (Not to mention the risk of […]

How to Help Elderly Relatives Move Home in Hertford

A three-minute read. For an elderly relative, moving on to the next chapter of their lives can be an emotional experience. The need to move home might stem from financial needs, bereavement, health reasons, or the wish to be nearer loved ones. But whatever the catalyst, time, diplomacy, and tact are the order of the […]

How to Avoid Time Wasters When Selling Your Hertford Home

In this two-minute read, we look at ways sellers can identify genuine buyers. With demand currently outstripping supply in the housing market, sellers are in the driver’s seat, but there is still one hazard that could derail a sale: the flaky buyer. In a hot market, it’s not uncommon for panicky buyers to make an […]

Three Good Reasons to Shop Local

In this two-minute read, we look at why it’s crucial that consumers shop local. As we emerge out of lockdown, there’s one thing you can do to help Hertfordrecover from the pandemic – and that’s to shop local. Independent traders are the lifeblood of communities, generating interest and footfall in our high streets and providing local […]

Five Ways to Find a Trustworthy Estate Agent in Hertford

In this three-minute read, we list five things Hertford sellers should look for in an estate agent. It pains us to say this, but a recent survey found people were more likely to trust a traffic warden or a lawyer than an estate agent. When it comes to telling the truth, it seems that only politicians have […]

Why short-term gain often leads to long term pain for Hertford landlords

A two-minute read. A landlords’ advice article published recently said property investors need to think more like the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The billionaire businessman is renowned for his long-term thinking. He thinks decades ahead, and let’s face it, he’s not doing too bad, is he? The article said landlords should retain good tenants at […]

Stress-Busting Tips for Property Management in Hertford

In this two-minute read, we show you how to keep calm and in control when letting your Hertford property. The idea that investing in rental property is easy passive income is a myth. Letting and managing rental property can be stressful, especially for inexperienced or accidental landlords. This month sees the championing of Stress Awareness […]

Introducing a World First for the Estate Agency Industry

A leading international inventor has chosen Abel to be one of only ten estate agencies in the world to trial his Artificial Intelligence (AI) software. The reclusive billionaire and his team of experts have created a ground-breaking app that translates a person’s thoughts into a text message by analysing their brainwaves. It involves the wearing […]

Easy DIY Projects to Help Sell Your Home Faster

In this three-minute read, we look at some simple and affordable projects to help sell your home faster and probably for a higher price, too. It’s DIY Day on 3 April and if you’re planning to sell your home, here are six easy things you can do yourself to help sell it quickly. They are […]